Exploring Paradise

While Makonikey’s Upper and Lower Beaches are undeniably beautiful, Upper Beach has extra adventure to it. With its 100-foot bluffs, sandy beach, oft-photographed Split Rock, flowering greenery, and dramatic osprey nest, Upper Beach provides natural scenery and privacy to its residents and guests.

Immediately, the vistas of Upper Beach offer limitless blue seas and glorious Vineyard sunsets. As one descends the winding steps, the view from the top of the bluffs reveal adult ospreys soaring, diving, and feeding their chicks.

Your Own Private Beach


An added advantage to the dynamic seascape of Upper Beach is that it encourages a greater sense of privacy. As the coastline flows with the bluffs like a ribbon, natural hideaways emerge, creating private nooks to sunbath or read a book. This makes it very easy to find your own space to sit and take in the experience.

Lower Beach provides a simpler and more casual excursion. Walk straight onto the beach, pitch your towels, cooler, and umbrella, and swim or stroll along the shoreline. This is the perfect spot for a relaxing beach day with the family, young and old. And in the garage for your convenience, you’ll find beach chairs, boogie boards, pool noodles, an umbrella, and all the gear you’ll need to make amazing sandcastles.

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