Rest & Relaxation

Lower Beach offers a calmness that is hard to find on the Vineyard or anywhere else. Whether you ride your bike or park your car, accessing the beach is quick and easy. This is a place for those looking for pure relaxation. Just pick your favorite sandy spot.

The coastline of Lower Beach features ecological diversity in wildflowers and bushes, sea-life, a fresh-water brook, and shells and tide-worn stones. Whether it’s for the study of nature or the sheer beauty of it, Lower Beach offers a great deal of natural attraction and fun.

The Views

Lower Beach gazes out in the vast open world of the Vineyard Sound. Each day brings a mix of tranquil waves, sailboats, and breathtaking shoreline. This is truly one of the best spots on the island for sunsets and romantic views.


The peace and quiet begins immediately, as Lower Beach is accessed through sunlit rural paths. It is this extra layer of solitude that promises an experience at Lower Beach like none other

Upper Beach is a sight to see. With a gorgeous ocean vista greeting you upon arrival, the view only gets better. Meander the steps through the beach plums and flowers, and the shoreline reveals itself in grand splendor. And come back after dinner for one of the best sunset spots on Martha’s Vineyard.

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